The new ESD master program from University of Gothenburg
The new Master's Programme in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) centers on the question of how education can support critical inquiry and be a positive force for transformation and change towards a more sustainable future. 

There is only one Earth. With global challenges such as accelerating climate change, mass extinction of species, rising inequity and a growing world population, the urgency of creating a more sustainable world is alarming. In what ways do we need to re-think and re-enact education, in the face of current ecological crises?

As a response to the major environmental crises and changing life conditions for humans as well as other species, this interdisciplinary ESD Master's Programme brings together four departments at the University of Gothenburg and one at Chalmers University of Technology in a pioneering curriculum at the forefront of the international research debate on education and sustainability. 

The ESD Master's Programme prepares you not only to respond to local and global sustainability challenges, but also to counteract them and contribute to more sustainable futures through education and research. As a Master’s student in the ESD programme you will enter into critical dialogue with recent scientific debates in the educational, social, and natural sciences, and get access to a range of analytic tools that will help you develop theoretical as well as practice-based knowledge in education for sustainable development.


Why study the programme?
The ESD Master's Programme is of interest if you:
Want to work for increased public awareness, knowledge and action competence in sustainable development;
Are interested in supporting learning for sustainable development among diverse groups;
Are involved in social movements for the environment, and want to learn more about the role of education in creating a more equitable, peaceful, and ecologically viable world;
Are a teacher/educator looking for ideas and strategies to better integrate education for sustainable development in your classrooms or in community settings;
Want to pursue a research career in the broad area of education for sustainable development.

More information
The ESD Master's Programme comprises 2 years of full-time study. The final semester is devoted to writing a Master’s thesis. Successful completion of the programme leads to the Degree of Master of Arts (120 credits) with a major in Education and Sustainability.

All teaching online
The programme is entirely web-based with all teaching carried out online, and welcomes students from all parts of the world with a variety of backgrounds (e.g. environmental sciences, social sciences, educational sciences, economics, arts and humanities). The course language is English.

Want to apply?
Please go to International master's programme, Education for sustainable development and send in your application.
The international admission period for the autumn semester 2018 will close on 15 January 2018. National applications will be accepted 15 March–16 April 2018.