Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability to Act in Belt and Road Initiative

On 7 June, before the closing ceremony of International Student Conference of Environment and Sustainability 2017, Prof. Wu Jiang, Chair of Global University Partnership on Environment and Sustainability and Executive Vice President of Tongji University and Dr. Monika G. MacDevette, Deputy Director of Ecosystems Division of UN Environment had a dialogue with GUPES student delegates.


Ten scholarships were offered to GUPES members in the ISCES 2017, to subsidize them with international travel expenses and local accommodation. Students from nine countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Spain and U.K., participated in the conference as GUPES delegates. They brainstormed on how to strengthen partnership and reinforce cooperation among members of GUPES network. Prof. Wu Jiang pointed out that young students are the future leaders in environment and sustainability, and serve as seeds to enhance the cooperation within GUPES network. Prof. Wu hoped that students would bridge the collaboration when they were back to their universities.

Before meeting with student delegates, Prof Wu also met with Dr. Monika G. MacDevette and exchanged ideas on strengthening cooperation between Tongji University and UN Environment and emphasized the significance to further discuss GUPES strategy under the Belt and Road Initiative. Dr. Monika highly appreciated the outstanding performance Tongji University has achieved in leading Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and South-South cooperation. She hoped that Tongji University would continue to act as a pioneering leader, and showcase its sustainable development practice, thus benefiting more GUPES members under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative.