300 Students from 30 Countries and Regions Shared Understanding on “Connecting People to Nature” at the International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability 2017 Summit Held in Tongji University

On 5 June during the celebrationof World Environment Day, over 300 university students of 30 countries andregions gathered in the 129 Hall of Tongji for the “Connecting People toNature” Summit during the International Student Conference on Environment andSustainability 2017. Students shared the innovative thinking and best practiceson the topics of ecosystem and wildlife, sustainable development education andUnited Nations, eco-city and green lifestyle. This Conference is co-hostedby Tongji University, United Nations Environment Programme, Xinhua News Agencyand Beijing Environment Foundation for Young Talents.


Mr. Erik Solheim, UNUnder-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United NationsEnvironment Programme conveyed welcome remarks to the conference by video,expressing his expectations on the World Environment Day and young students. Hereviewed his attendance of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing hosted by China.To echo to this call the UN Environment launched the global initiative for thegreening Belt and Road with the Chinese government. In the video he emphasizedthe 15 years of partnership between UN Environment and Tongji University hasachieved considerable success, also his encouragement to all Chinese andforeign student participants of ISECS to carry on, and lead future sustainabledevelopment in the world.


Mr. Cai MingzhaoPresident of Xinhua News Agency conveyed welcome remarks by words.  Prof.Zhong Zhihua, President of Tongji University and Ms. Qian Hong, Vice-Presidentof Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch delivered welcome remarks. Intheir speeches they hoped that young students would practice on sustainabledevelopment and consumption concepts, as well as take the lead in this field,so as to make greater contribution to achieve the goal of global sustainabledevelopment and create a harmonious Eden Garden possessed and shared by all themember of human being.


On the summit, Ms.Clarice Wilson, Acting Chief, Policy Coordination Office, UN Environment,delivered a report on Toward a Pollution-Free Planet. One of the results of aweakened link of man and nature is pollution. She called for strengthenedcooperation with Global University Partnership on Environment andSustainability to build a center for sustainable consumption and life.



Mr. Nick Nuttall, Spokesperson/Director of Communications at theUN Framework Convention on Climate Change delivered a report on The Future onthe Paris Climate Change Agreement in a Changing World. He reviewed theprogress made by governments since the Paris Agreement was adopted in December2015 and pointed that perhaps the biggest challenge of all will be to reformand retool the financial architecture of the capital markets.


Panel Discussion wasincluded during the summit, moderated by Dr. Wang Xin, Vice Dean of UNEnvironment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development. Ms.Clarice Wilson, Mr. Nick Nuttall, Ms. Zhou Ying, Program and CommunicationsOfficer, World Future Council China Program and representatives of youthparticipants discussed current hot-spot sustainable development topics andshared their thoughts.



Prior to this Summitstudent participants have already visited the exhibition, conducted on-scenestudy and taken part in seminars. Focusing on four sub-themes and respectivespeeches and debates, latest practices and thoughts from global young studentsare shared though multiple means, including academic reports from specialists,group discussions, on-scene survey and poster demonstrations.


Organizers of theconference says, the ISCES 2017 is held to echo the theme of WorldEnvironmental Day “Connecting People to Nature” and the China’s World EnvironmentDay theme “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.  It’sof great importance and meaning to build a platform to gather young studentsworldwide and discuss important, global-focusing environmental and sustainabledevelopment issues, which provides a platform for young students, as well asinstitutions devoted into green development, NGOs and enterprises to share andcommunicate. It also encourages young talents to participant in sustainabledevelopment projects and practices.