Kenya Green University Network Informal Consultative Meeting (9 April)

As a follow-up to the successful consultative meeting in 2012 between the Greening Kenya Initiative (GKI), World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD), the University of Nairobi (UoN), Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU) and UNEP’s Environmental Education and Training Unit (EETU), which proposed the development of the Kenya Green University Network (KGUN), UNEP-EETU recently held an informal meeting (April 2014) to assess current and emerging environmental sustainability trends in higher education, discuss performance contracting requirements for Kenyan Universities, and brainstorm institutional aspects for the proposed network.

The network is being developed through a consultative stakeholder process with higher education institutions. It seeks to promote environmental awareness capacity development in Kenyan tertiary education institutions and escalate UNEP’s engagement through environmental education (EE) in Kenyan universities, all with the aim of ensuring sustainable development, resilient ecosystems and empowered citizenry. It will incorporate environment, low carbon-climate resilience development strategies and sustainability aspects in their education, training, campus management and student activities.

KGUN will also stimulate the adoption of the Greening Universities Toolkit (; help catalyze and raise profile of the need for more sustainable universities; foster student innovations and acquisition of relevant skills in the area of environmental sustainability aimed at ensuring sustainable local communities; compliment Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability in African Universities (MESA) Partnership Programme (GUPES Africa Network flagship initiative) and the Africa Environmental Education and Training Action Plan (AEETAP) objectives.


During the April 2014 meeting, participants drawn from over 15 institutions, called for the development of environment and sustainability related performance targets for universities; development of a core group of sustainability experts; development of sustainability tools and indicators which can guide the change process; promotion of green campus initiatives and engagement with policy leaders; adoption of research tools across the universities; support environmental community engagement and public-private partnerships through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and outreach; build capacity of university students to green universities and communities around them; and promote green innovation, green enterprises, green clubs (botanical gardens) and environmental awareness competitions among others.

UNEP-EETU is also concurrently championing the development of three (3) similar networks for Morocco, Uganda and West Africa.

KGUN is scheduled for launch in December 2014.


Informal Meeting Summary: